Division PLASTICS & TOOLS – plastics injection, tool shop

Tool shop

The production is subject to the ISO 9001 quality control system.

The PLASTY plant has long-term experience in manufacturing of moulds for plastic injection and of special equipment for tube production lines. A strong point of the plant is its know-how in the field of multiple injection moulds for tube and bottle screw-top caps manufacture.

We manufacture moulds of 650 x 800 mm module size and weight up to 1.500 kg. The tool shop being located together with the plastic injection production is another advantage.

We provide following services

· design of plastic mouldings
· making technical documentation for moulds
· manufacture of prototype moulds
· manufacture of serial moulds including their testing
· consultant service for processing of plastics and manufacture of moulds

Technological equipment

Machine typeparameter
EDM machine Form 300 [+GF+]x, y, z: 600 x 400 x 450, maximum weight of workpiece 1600 kg
EDM machine Form 300 [+GF+]x, y, z: 600 x 400 x 450, maximum weight of workpiece 1600 kg
EDM machine CHARMILLES ROBOFORM 54x, y, z: 600 x 400 x 450, maximum weight of workpiece 1600 kg
Wire cutting machine CHARMILLES ROBOFIL 440x, y, z: 550 x 350 x 400, maximum weight of workpiece 1500 kg
Wire Cutting machine GF P 550Pro, incl. automation WP1/CUT P650x, y, z: 550 x 350 x 400, maximum weight of workpiece 1500 kg
High-speed Drilling EDM machine DRILL 20 CNCx, y, z: 750 x 450 x 200, maximum weight of workpiece 300 kg
Mikron HSM 600ULP with NC rotating clamping device (5-axis) [+GF+]x, y, z: 600 x 600 x 500, maximum weight of workpiece  3axis/5axis 1000/120 kg
Machining centre HERMLE C30 with NC rotating clamping device (5-axis)x, y, z: 650 x 600 x 500, maximum weight of workpiece 500 kg
Machining centre ZPS MCFV 1260 with Heidenhain 530 iTNC control system (3-axis)x, y, z: 1.270 x 610 x 760, maximum weight of workpiece 1.350 kg
Machining centre HAAS VF-2 with Siemens control system (3-axis)x, y, z: 760 x 400 x 500, maximum weight of workpiece 1300 kg
Robot Transformer GF [+GF+]
Lathe machine SUI 50, SUI 40
Grinding machines BPH320, BRH20-05, BPH20
Cylindrical grinding machines BU28, BUA328
Drilling machine KAUNAS
CMM Nikon Altera 10.7.6
Micropulse welding machine MICROSPOT
Laser Welding machine
Mould Fitting machine MILLUTENSIL BV 30Ex, y, z: 1500 x 1000 x 1200, maximum weight of workpiece 7000 kg
Station for Moulds Assembly supplied by GF Solutions (machines above marked by [+GF+] are working automatically inside operating network)